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Remember us in your Will

After you have ensured that your loved ones are looked after in your Will, would you consider leaving a legacy to Children Change Colombia?

There are millions of children in Colombia who, despite the peace agreement and good news about the economy, still face poverty, violence and social exclusion. This must change, but it can't happen overnight.

Leaving a gift to us in your Will is one way of making a big difference to the lives of these children long into the future - helping them to claim their right to a happier and safer childhood. And when a child claims their right to live safely and in peace, they are helping to make Colombia safer and happier for all Colombians. This is how your gift can help children to change Colombia!

If you would like to leave a legacy to Children Change Colombia you will need to write a Will, or update an existing one. You will need to notify whoever is managing your Will. We also recommend that you read our Guide to Leaving a Legacy.

You do not need to contact us to tell us that you have included us in your Will. However if you do want to let us know, or if you have any questions, then please call us on 020 3559 6756.

Children Change Colombia believes that every child has the right to a home, family, happy childhood and safety.

Leaving a legacy to Children Change Colombia will help us make this happen in Colombia.

If you do eventually decide to leave a gift to us in your Will, thank you.