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Cazuca coffee mornings!

Café Cazucá - Coffee mornings run by young people where older generations are invited to talk about their experiences and memories of community life, accompanied by young musicians. 

Children and young people from our partner Tiempo de Juego have set up a monthly coffee morning for elderly people from their neighbourhood of Cazucá. During the sessions, the elderly community are invited to talk about the history of the area and how it has changed over time, while the children and young people listen and some play their own musical compositions in the background. These monthly meetings have been a huge success, with around 35 adults and 20 young people attending each session. It has been an enriching experience for all involved, providing a safe space where the two generations can exchange knowledge and experiences of community life.

The young people’s inspiration for the coffee mornings came from a programme Tiempo de Juego set up last year in partnership with the local Secretary for Culture, in which they ran literature workshops with children and elderly members of the community.

We have been working with Tiempo de Juego since 2013 to support children and young people who are at risk of forced recruitment and violence in their community in Cazucá. Through innovative arts, drama and music activities, the project we fund encourages children to explore the challenges they face in their daily lives and help them develop the skills to overcome these. The children and young people then use what they have learnt to develop performances and works of art that express their ideas and opinions about their neighbourhood. They then present these pieces to their families and members of the local community as a way to combat negative stereotypes about young people, to showcase the positive abilities they have developed, and to engage the community in their efforts for positive change in Cazucá.

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