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Activity with our partner CRAN to commemorate Red Hand Day

Last month our Bogotá team joined young people, families and staff from our partner CRAN for an event to commemorate Red Hand Day (International Day of Against the Use of Child Soldiers).

During the event, young people from our project with CRAN  presented pictures they had drawn of their personal experiences of the Colombian conflict – you can see some examples of these below.

The group discussed the important role of young people, in Colombia’s peace building process. Young people from our project, and members of their foster families, spoke about the kind of support young people need in order to rebuild their lives after experiencing violence or recruitment by armed groups. They reflected on the importance of being in a caring and protective family setting, where a young person can learn about their rights and get support to achieve their dreams.

The young people expressed their gratitude for the opportunities our project with CRAN offers. They recognised that it has made it possible for them to start to overcome their past traumatic experiences and reintegrate back into society and to build a happy future for themselves.

A labyrinth with no way out. A whirlwind that is difficult to escape from.

 We appreciate every day that we don’t have to live in conflict.

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