Your sponsorship could help a student like Andrés attend university

Andrés’ Story

Andrés has grown up in the Wiwa community, an Indigenous group from la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. He is a leader in his community and he is passionate about the mediation between Indigenous traditions and the Western world, and how we can create a balance between these two communities. 

Soon, he will start working as a teacher in an Indigenous school in la Sierra Nevada. To help Andrés pursue his passions, we have offered him a full scholarship to attend university, where he will study education. We hope that with this support, Andrés will develop his skills further to be able to support and advocate for his community.

Inspiring future scholars

Andrés is not the only student who we have been able to support. Earlier this year, we announced our new scholarship programme, through which we will support four exceptional students through their undergraduate degrees. 

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