Children Change Colombia is an international NGO that works with children and their families in Colombia to challenge poverty, inequality and violence

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Our Mission

Support, empower and protect children and young people that are survivors/victims or are at risk of the most neglected issues in Colombia, by strengthening local grassroots to positively impact their communities and defend their rights in the long term.

Our Vision

Create a better everyday life for the children and young people who are survivors/victims or at risk from Colombia’s most neglected issues. 

Over the past 33 years we've supported...

  • Over 72,942 children to overcome the trauma of poverty, armed conflict, displacement, and lack of education.

    This has been achieved through collaborations with grassroots social organisations in Colombia. To date we have raised £15 million to fund 68 projects.

Our Aims

Since 1991, we have been working in partnership with local children’s organisations who have a proven record in defending the rights of children most affected by poverty, inequality and conflict.

With our partners, we protect these children from violence, sexual exploitation and neglect, keep them out of the hands of armed groups, and help them demand change. Importantly, we also work with adults – parents, teachers, policy makers – to help them keep children safe now and protect them in the long-term.

1. Defend the rights of the children most at risk by:

Keeping them safe from immediate harm but also defending their rights in the long term

2. Tackle neglected issues that few others address

These are issues that pose a serious threat to children's rights and wellbeing, but on which not enough work is being done

3. Strengthen children's organisations in Colombia

We believe in strengthening local grassroots organisations to positively impact communities in the long term

Our Values

Children Change Colombia’s institutional values represent the values that the organisation needs to  develop or strengthen to meet the goals it has agreed to achieve in the next 5 years. These values  should be used to inform decision-making.  

Focus on impact

Creating positive impact, ensuring projects deliver real benefits that make a real improvement to children in Colombia.


In the information that partners and CCC share with each other, and with the general public


Rejecting hierarchies with our partners, the rules are consensual and there is open dialogue


Being positive in outlook, finding solutions to problems, believing in all children.

Programme Flexibility

In the implementation of projects depending on context and external changes to circumstances, there are options to adapt the activities and goals.


Working collaboratively with partner organisations, communities, and children without discrimination, to overcome barriers to participation.


To understanding the most complex and long-term challenges; to tackling the most neglected issues; and challenging the inequalities that put children at risk.

What We Believe

A child’s vulnerability often has multiple causes and many different people and institutions have an influence on their welfare: for example, a child’s risk of being a victim of commercial sexual exploitation is affected by their parents’ economic situation, the quality of their local school, the professionalism of their social worker and the protection they receive from the police.

For this reason, Children Change Colombia believes that if all children in Colombia are to enjoy their right to a safe and happy childhood, children, families, communities, government and non-government agencies must work together.

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