We work to ensure that every child can claim their right to a safe and happy childhood and a fulfilling future

Children Change Colombia aims to work with the excluded children in Colombia, the children whose voices don’t get heard.

These might be children who have been forced from their homes by the armed conflict, who are unable to gain access to an education, who have been discriminated against because they have lived in care, or because they are a girl or because of their ethnicity.

These children might be victims of sexual violence; they might have left abusive homes only to end up alone on the streets; or they might have experienced the trauma of being recruited into an illegal armed group.

We work on key neglected issues facing children and young people 

These are issues that pose a serious threat to children’s rights and wellbeing, but on which not enough work is being done to counter the harm they caused.

Where We Work

Through partnerships with local organizations, we help children and adults develop the skills and knowledge to build protective communities that are resilient to the risks that confront them.

We select partners around Colombia who truly understand the needs of the children they work with, who have the experience to find effective solutions to the risks children face, and who are open to learning from the rest of our partners.

Cross-Cutting Issues

There are 3 cross-cutting topics that are involved in our current projects and that could evolve to become a higher priority. 

1. Awareness raising among young people about the environment

The current climate change situation urges all of our projects to be aware of the natural environment and making choices that benefit the earth, rather than hurt it. Some of the ways to practice environmental awareness include: conserving energy and water, recycling and activism. CCC is already working on environmental issues in its projects with Acadesan in Chocó and Mision Gaia in Magdalena.

2. Children and young people on the move

Colombia hosts around 2.5 million Venezuelan refugees/migrants, & according to the United Nations, it has the second highest number of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the world (7.7 million). CCC is currently working IDPs in Quibdó, with Venezuelan families that live in the “Zona de Tolerancia” in Bogota and with indigenous and Venezuelan children in la Guajira.

3. The pandemic

Covid-19 has affected all the projects implemented by CCC in 2020 and was a key factor to take into account in the design of 2021 and 2022 projects. The pandemic will be an important cross-cutting issue that will have an impact on all our projects for several years to come.

How we choose where to work

As the political and humanitarian situation in Colombia evolves, so do the threats facing children. We continuously carry out research to identify neglected issues threatening children’s rights. We use our findings to guide the direction of our work in Colombia – the issues we work on, the regions we work in, and the partner organisations we work with. The highest priorities identified in 2020 for our 5 year Strategy will be reviewed at the beginning of 2023 to be sure we are tackling the most neglected issues in Colombia.

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