Colombia in the UK

According to the most recent census, there are nearly 37,000 Colombians living in the UK. As a UK-registered charity, we’re dedicated to supporting our community across the country.

Each year, we hold many different events to bring Colombians in the UK and our wider community of supporters together. These events help us to raise vital funds for our projects to provide essential help and support to thousands of children across Colombia. Come along and join us at one of our upcoming events!

Keep up to date with the Colombian community in the UK

At Children Change Colombia, we are passionate about empowering the Colombian community in the UK. Find out what our UK team has been up to below:

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Colombia Colores: Workshops for young Colombians in the UK

Colombia Colores is our first London-based project, aimed at the children of the Colombian diaspora to teach them about Colombia’s rich culture through music, dance, and art.

This project arose from a need expressed by the Colombian community in London to offer regular workshops on Colombian culture for their children. We hope to bring together Colombian-born, second and third-generation Colombian children to educate them on meaningful parts of Colombian culture and encourage them to feel connected and part of a larger community.

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