Our Executive Director is nominated for a Women Changing the World Award

Women Changing the World Awards: Angela Carreno

Ángela Carreño, our Executive Director, has been announced as a nominee for the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards, in the category People’s Choice women changing the non-profit world. 

The awards are presented by Sarah, Duchess of York and Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favourite guest, Dr. Tererai Trent, to celebrate and recognise women achieving outstanding success in areas such as sustainability, humanitarian work, leadership, advocacy, tech, product development, education, health and innovation.

This powerful call to action aims to awaken hearts and inspire people to come together to forge a brighter path for all. Their collective vision extends beyond conventional recognition, aiming to amplify the voices of those often overlooked, yet whose contributions are invaluable. The awards not only celebrate individual accomplishments but also seek to inspire others to create change in ways both big and small

“Our aim is to give voice to silent whispers. We want to lift women up all over the world and tell their stories”, says Sarah, Duchess of York.

Dr. Tererai Trent adds: “Women hold the ideas and leadership to heal the world. We are strong already, but together we are stronger. These exceptional women are here to awaken hearts, give permission to recapture dreams and inspire the women of the world to come together to forge a brighter path for all. The rising of women is the awakening of everybody.”

Originally from Bogotá, Ángela has worked in the international development sector for 15 years across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has been our Executive Director since 2020. She has experience working on emergency response in the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, in Indonesia after the Sulawesi earthquake, and in India following the Kerala floods. Additionally, she has worked on livelihood projects for rural women in Bangladesh and Brazil.

After working in numerous countries around the world, she is thrilled that her work is now helping the children of her homeland. Since Ángela joined Children Change Colombia, our projects and the number of children that they benefit have doubled, with a special emphasis on empowering young people, especially women.

We are truly grateful for all that Ángela does for our organisation, and this nomination is a real testament to the impact she has made for children and young people in Colombia. 

“We all have the capacity to make the world we live in a little better”.

The vision for these awards is to empower women everywhere and to unite them to pave the way towards a better future for all. The winners will beannounced at a glamorous event in London this May.

Vote Today: https://wcwawards.com/peopleschoicevoting/

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