Understanding our impact

Our 30 years of working with children have convinced us that when children are able to speak up for their own rights, this is a powerful way to ensure that children’s rights are protected in a lasting and effective way.

In order to back-up this conviction with evidence, we have developed a system that enables us to effectively measure and understand the impact of our work each year.

The information presented in our Impact Reports (see below) has been collated by our partners and assessed against a set of overarching indicators – verifiable changes that show we are achieving our key strategic aims of:

2020 impact highlights


That’s almost 3,200 people who are better equipped to protect children’s rights as a result of our work in 2020 alone!

In 2020 we worked with 1,668 children and young people. As a result of this work, we also indirectly impacted the lives of a further 660 children – siblings, peers and neighbours of the children who participated in our project activities.

We also worked with adults – parents, teachers, policy makers – to encourage and help them to keep children safe now and in the long-term. In 2020, 367 adults participated in our project activities or attended forums, performances and campaigns led by children from our projects. A further 592 adults benefited indirectly from our work.


We worked on three ‘neglected issues’ in 2020:

  • sexual and gender-based violence
  • forced recruitment into armed groups or criminal exploitation and reintegration into society
  • exclusion from education


We worked in partnership with five inspiring organisations in 2020, providing much-needed funding to run their programmes but also technical support to help them become stronger organisations, better able to defend the rights of vulnerable children in the long-term.


In 2020, we supported our partners to protect 9 children’s rights.

For instance, we protected the rights of:

  • 1,064 children to recovery and reintegration
  • 1,007 children to protection from exploitation
  • 961 children to their protection from harmful drugs
  • 901 children against discrimination

Impact Reports

The following reports pull together our overall organisational impact from 2017 onwards.

-Impact Report 2020

-Impact Report 2019 

-Impact Report: 2018 

-Impact Report: 2017 

What about the 2021 numbers?

The process of assessing, collating and presenting the detailed impact information we receive from each of our partners takes time and resources, especially for a small organisation like ours. We aim to have our annual organisational impact data ready to share with you by the middle of the year following that in which the work took place – so look out for our 2021 Impact Report in the summer of 2022!

We are committed to carrying out this type of analysis on a regular basis because we want to be able to prove to our supporters, like you, that our work is achieving what we set out to do.