OUR STRATEGY: 2020 – 2025

Children Change Colombia works with Colombia's most at-risk children, to keep them safe and defend their rights. We exist to help children find their voice and influence decisions which will affect their lives now and in the future

To do this, we work in partnership with Colombian children’s organisations who have a proven record of success in defending the rights of children most affected by poverty, inequality, and conflict; helping them to work towards change.

Crucially, we also work with the adults who influence the lives of children – parents, teachers, policymakers – so they can help keep children safe now and in the long term. 


Children Change Colombia’s Strategic 2020 – 2025 Plan establishes the mission and institutional values ​​that frame the behaviour of CCC’s team, its future vision, strategic guidelines and their respective objectives which will guide the organisation in the next five years. 

CCC’s new MissionVision and Institutional Values ​​were established after a benchmarking and investigation process conducted to understand the current situation and challenges of Children’s rights in Colombia, the different players in the sector that share similar interests with CCC, including organisations in Colombia and the UK, and the charity’s corporate and individual donors. The analysis also reviewed aspects of CCC’s internal operations. 

Strategic Guidelines

Based on CCC’s new mission, vision and institutional values, 6 strategic guidelines and 15 strategic objectives were defined to focus the organisation’s efforts on different aspects that will mean CCC can meet the aforementioned objectives as well as the mission by the end of 2025.  

CCC’s financial plan will allow us to diversify and increase our income streams, growing both restricted and non-restrictive revenues to keep our financial and administrative operations running efficiently and ensuring we can meet our short- and long-term obligations. 

At CCC we are committed to working with grassroots organisations that run high-quality programs in order to tackle neglected issues with the aim of defending children and young people’s rights in the long-term. 

We are committed to working in a two-way direction to develop skills and knowledge with our stakeholders (grass-roots organisations, donors, government, staff and volunteers). This knowledge and skill development will be in a two-way direction, from and to CCC. All stakeholders should share and receive training which will allow all parties to enhance its performance, and to better meet its responsibilities associated with CCC, or to any of the processes related to programs’ management and / or fundraising. 

At CCC we recognize data as one of our most valuable assets, which also plays a key role in assessing our operational and strategic performance. Data also help us to gauge the positive impact on the programs we support and on the grass-roots organisations we support. Using data at its best will help us to increase and diversify our funding and to facilitate CCC’sadaptative management to adjust to changes that may arise during the next 5-years. 

In order to maintain and enhance the connections with our traditional CCC community, as well as to reach out to new people that could be interested in supporting our goals, we look to create strong links with all of our stakeholders: grass-roots organisations, donors , government, staff and volunteers by using different channels of communication. 

To help the organisation to run smoothly and efficiently, we will always look to strengthen and simplify CCC’s processes and policies. 


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