Colombia Colores

Colombia Colores is a project aimed at the children of the Colombian diaspora that teaches about the richness of Colombian culture through music, art and dance.  We hope to reach out to Colombian-born, second and third-generation Colombian children between the ages of  5-12. It is the first project implemented by CCC in London!


This project has arisen from a need expressed by the Colombian community in London to offer regular workshops on Colombian culture for their children. We hope to bring together the young Colombians and educate them on meaningful parts of Colombian culture and encourage them to feel connected and part of a larger community.  You can learn more about the importance of Colombia Colores and the impact it can have on young Colombians in London by reading our blog.

The cycles of the project

The workshops take place every Saturday in the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and are divided by age group.

11:00am: Children between ages of 5 to 7 years old

12:00pm: Children between ages of 8 to 12 years old

Autumn Cycle

Every Saturday from November 4, 2023 to February 10, 2024

Spring cycle colombia colores london

Spring Cycle

Every Saturday from February 24, 2024 to April 3, 2024

colombia colores summer cycle in london

Summer Cycle

Every Saturday from April 30, 2024 to July 20, 2024

Location: Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham Green, London, N15 4RX

Our Partners for Colombia Colores

City Bridge Trust

City Bridge Trust is the grant-making organization of Bridge House Estates, a fund administered by the City of London that has its origins in medieval times, when funding was needed to build and maintain the ancient London Bridge. This organization is the main sponsor of the “Colombia Colores” project.

Colombian Consulate in London

The Colombian Consulatge in London is a collaborative partner that is supporting this initiative to provide the Colombian community an opportunity for children to connect with Colombian history and culture.

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