Fernando Montano and Camila Pinzon visit CCC projects in Colombia

Fernando Montano, patron of Children Change Colombia and Camila Pinzon, Miss Colombia visited two of the projects CCC has in Bogota to gain a better understanding of the impact of our programmes.

In Colombia’s capital city, a remarkable project is underway to support children who are at risk of conflict-related sexual violence and commercial sexual exploitation. Led by the dedicated team at Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ) in the barrio Santa fe.

This urban area, where sexual work is allowed, has unfortunately become a hotspot for conflict-related sexual violence and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). One of the primary objectives of this project is to protect the children who are at risk of sexual exploitation by providing a safe space where they can learn music, dance and receive psychosocial support. 

Fernando Montano, CCC Patron.

While Fernando visited he got to join in on the workshops delivered and see how children would express themselves through movement and dance.

By equipping children with knowledge and skills, they can better protect themselves from violence and exploitation. The team conducts workshops and educational sessions that focus on raising awareness about child rights, personal safety, and healthy relationships. These initiatives not only empower the children but also foster a sense of resilience within them.

In the case of Miss Colombia, she visited our project with CRAN that supports children victims of forced recruitment to restart a new life in safe foster homes. While she was there, she reported that the teachings were presented in a manner that was easy to understand and digest, with no pressure on the children but rather a strong emphasis on learning and highlighting the opportunities available to them regardless of their background.

Camila Pinzon, Miss Colombia, and CRAN staff,

The project recognized the importance of equipping children with skills that would be beneficial for their personal and professional development. By offering language skills, the project aimed to enhance the children’s communication abilities and broaden their horizons. 

The children loved meeting Fernando and Camila at the different projects, as they got to enjoy quality time together and ask them questions on many topics of interest to them. We thank them for their time at these programmes sharing their knowledge with the children.

Through these projects, the aim is to empower and equip children with the tools to change their lives, and eventually, Colombia. 

Children with Fernando, at the CCC and ACJ project in Bogota.

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