After attending our project in La Sierra Nevada, Gizeth has been offered a scholarship to study psychology

Gizeth’s Story

Gizeth grew up in La Sierra Nevada, a space where she felt she could be free, surrounded by nature. She is passionate about raising environmental awareness and helping others, and is grateful to her community for always protecting her home’s biodiversity. 

After joining our ‘Education, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship’ project, she decided that she would like to become a psychologist, driven by her passion to help others and give back to her community. The experience she gained during the project helped her develop research and communication skills that she believes will help her succeed in her journey.

On Christmas Day 2023, we were able to announce that she had been selected by us and Fundación Universitaria Andina to pursue her psychology degree, with a full scholarship provided through our new scholarship programme.

She shared that it felt like the best Christmas gift of her life, adding that the support from the Children Change Colombia staff at the project has restored her self-confidence: “They have taught me to be resilient and responsible, and I thank them for believing in me every step of the way,” she says.

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