Keiner has received a full scholarship to attend university

Keiner’s Story

Keiner’s life has been disrupted by conflict from a very young age. His dad was killed when he was only 3 years old, and his mum abandoned him and his siblings soon after. His grandmother took all of them in and he spent the rest of his childhood living in La Sierra Nevada. 

Despite all the hardships he experienced, Keiner never stopped dreaming big, and one day he hopes to start his own business.

When we first met Keiner, he was 16 years old and attending a school supported by our ‘Education, Livelihoods, and Entrepreneurship’ project in the Caribbean coast. There, he received psychosocial support, English classes, and enterpreneurship workshops, as well as developing his employability skills. 

Keiner has always wanted to pursue a professional career, and we are happy to announce that he will now have the opportunity to attend university. Through our partnership with Politecnico Gran Colombiano, he has been chosen as the beneficiary of a full scholarship to study a Law degree. He hopes to become an amazing lawyer so that can use his skills to help and advocate for his community. 

Inspiring future scholars

Keiner is not the only student who we have been able to support. Earlier this year, we announced our new scholarship programme, through which we will support four exceptional students through their undergraduate degrees. 

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