Sandra attends our project to combat sexual violence and exploitation

Sandra’s story

“My story is a hard one to tell. After my parents separated when I was 11 years old, a friend of theirs sexually abused me. I got pregnant but lost the baby after a few months. Shortly after, I ran away from home and started dealing and taking drugs. I had two children but their father left me to raise them without any money or any support. I felt there was no other option – I started working as a sex worker.

It was then that ACJ approached me and started to help me. Before I enrolled in their project, my children stayed indoors all day because I was too afraid for them to go out and play on the streets. Now, they participate in workshops which teach them how to avoid sexual exploitation and drugs. They are a lot happier and so am I as I know they will have a much better childhood and life than I did.

I have also been participating in ACJ’s project for one year. With the support, guidance and opportunities they have given me, I have finally managed to leave sex work. I am now studying and thanks to the family workshops, I am now much more committed to my children. These workshops have reassured me and helped me gain access to my rights, participate in beauty training and made me realise I want a fresh start in life. I am looking for a job to provide a better future and life for me and my children.”

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